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6911712-park-bench-autumnFuneral Planning
For those who wish to make arrangements for their own Funeral in advance and set aside monies to pay for the Funeral, Foley’s Funeral Directors have put in place an acceptable procedure for you.

One of our Funeral arranging personnel will discuss your requirements in confidence with you.

The discussion will focus on what you want to happen. All details will be discussed with the greatest sensitivity and confidentiality.

Funeral Costs
People sometimes make the mistake of assuming they have to go for the more expensive options when their loved ones would have preferred something much simpler. One of the first concerns you might have during the funeral arrangement process is the cost involved.

Expenses can quickly mount up and so it is important to have a detailed funeral price estimate that is all inclusive of the services and fees required for the memorial or funeral.

It is best to ask your funeral director for a breakdown of the services involved and for some details on the funeral planning or funeral arrangement process. This way you can be sure that everything has been taken into account and that there are no hidden expenses.

18b867b83fc12939ced073f11afc2a74Foley’s Funeral Directors will prepare a written estimate once all your choices are made and arrangements are confirmed.
A funeral account is broken up into two main parts:

  1. Funeral Director charges
  2. Disbursements (Expenses paid to third parties on the clients behalf).

Funeral Director charges are generally made up of the cost of:

  • The coffin or casket
  • Provision of vehicles
  • Removal of the deceased
  • Care of the deceased
  • Transport to the place of repose
  • Grave Maker & Dressing of the Grave
  • Transport to the Church or Crematorium
  • Use of funeral home
  • Condolence Books
  • Professional services
  •¬†personalised notice

There are a number of sources from which you may be able to acquire financial assistance.

Widowed Parent Grant
This is available where a death occurs of a parent with dependent children (under 18 or over if in full-time education). The Grant is paid when the widowed parent applies for the widow/widowers pension.
Click here for more information on the Widow Surviving Spouse Grant.

Occupational Injuries Scheme
If a death is work related or as a result of a prescribed illness a Funeral Grant may be paid under the occupational injuries scheme.
Click here for more information on the Occupational injury death grant.

Social Welfare
If a spouse or partner dies while they are receiving a Social Welfare payment such as the state pension, unemployment benefit, disability benefit etc., payments will continue to be made for 6 weeks after the death. The local Social Welfare Officer can supply more details.
Click here for more information on the Social welfare payments after death.

Credit Union
Any qualified member of a Credit Union is entitled to receive payment from the Death Benefit scheme. Further details may be obtained from your local Credit Union
Click here for more information on the Credit Union Death Benefits.

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